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Video and Board Games

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Gaming Nights

  • GlesGames - GlesGames is a bimonthly event which focuses on local multiplayer video games in Glasgow. From retro to modern, we provide a unique gaming experience.
  • Roll Wi' It - Se are a small group of board game enthusiasts and dungeon masters who want to bring the fun of board gaming to a wide audience of people. We offer a service of Game Nights For Hire, we bring the games and the equipment and teach you the ropes! We have a huge variety of all things nerdy.
  • Burn to Fight - Play the newest fighters and the old favourites. Train up for monthly tournaments. Take your skills to the next level every Wednesday and Friday 3PM-9:30PM at The Summoners
  • WednesdaysAre3D (W3D) - The only community of fighting game players in Scotland dedicated to learning Tekken. Weekly Tekken 7 sessions are on Wednesdays [16:00-22:00] at Max XP Gaming
  • Glasgow Board Games (Facebook) - Meets every Tuesday in Drury Street Bar.

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  • Blazing Griffin - Founded in 2011 as a game development studio, the company has grown from a team of three to a group of companies spanning game development, film production and end-to-end post-production with around 40 staff based in Glasgow.
  • Focus Games: The White Studios - Focus Games was founded in 2004. Our design studio is in Glasgow and we do all our own development work in this studio. We have developed over 60 game-based resources to improve training, education and engagement in health and social care. The NHS is our biggest client.



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