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   * [[https://​​|The Great Western Festival]]   * [[https://​​|The Great Western Festival]]
   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Whisky Festival]]   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Whisky Festival]]
-  * [[https://​​|Havana Glasgow Film Festival]] - //Havana Glasgow Film Festival ​is the brainchild of Eirene Houston, a screenwriter ​and director, who has been travelling and working in Havana ​for almost 20 years. She will tell you there are a lot more similarities between the city and her home in Glasgow ​than you may first think.//+  * [[https://​​|Havana Glasgow Film Festival]] - //The Havana Glasgow Film Festival ​exists to showcase Cuban cinema ​and culture within ​Havana's twin city of Glasgow, Scotland.//
 ==== Defunct ==== ==== Defunct ====
   * [[http://​​glitch/​|Glitch Film Festival]] (last ran April 2017)   * [[http://​​glitch/​|Glitch Film Festival]] (last ran April 2017)
   * [[https://​​|ShawFest]] (last ran Sep 2018)   * [[https://​​|ShawFest]] (last ran Sep 2018)
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