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   * [[https://​​|Glasgow Society of Women Artists]]   * [[https://​​|Glasgow Society of Women Artists]]
   * [[https://​​|The Glasgow Women'​s Library]]   * [[https://​​|The Glasgow Women'​s Library]]
-  ​* [[https://​​category/​podcast/​|The Glasgow Women'​s Library Podcast]]+    ​* [[https://​​category/​podcast/​|The Glasgow Women'​s Library Podcast]] 
 +    * [[http://​​|Women of Scotland]] - //A project for locating and recording memorials to women throughout Scotland.//
   * [[https://​​|Glasgow Gals Cycling Club]] ([[https://​​club/​profile/​8154/​glasgow-gals-cycling-club|British Cycling Link]], [[http://​​GlasgowGalsCC|Facebook]],​ [[http://​​GlasgowGalsCC|Twitter]],​ [[http://​​glasgowgalscc|Instagram]])   * [[https://​​|Glasgow Gals Cycling Club]] ([[https://​​club/​profile/​8154/​glasgow-gals-cycling-club|British Cycling Link]], [[http://​​GlasgowGalsCC|Facebook]],​ [[http://​​GlasgowGalsCC|Twitter]],​ [[http://​​glasgowgalscc|Instagram]])
   * [[http://​|Girl Geek Scotland]]   * [[http://​|Girl Geek Scotland]]
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