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   * [[https://​​volunteer#​|United Glasgow Football Club: Volunteer Opportunities]]   * [[https://​​volunteer#​|United Glasgow Football Club: Volunteer Opportunities]]
   * [[https://​​get-involved/​volunteer-for-victim-support-scotland/​|Victim Support Scotland: Volunteer]]   * [[https://​​get-involved/​volunteer-for-victim-support-scotland/​|Victim Support Scotland: Volunteer]]
 +  * [[https://​​get-involved/​streetcare/​|Humanist Society Scotland: StreetCare Glasgow]] - //Humanist Society Scotland has been providing assistance on the streets of central Glasgow for the past eight years, working with a variety of partners including other voluntary groups, ​ private business, and referral agencies. Our project provides hot drinks, soup, other foods and warm clothing on a non-judgemental basis for those who present as needing support//
 ==== Animal ==== ==== Animal ====
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