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  • The Trades House of Glasgow - Trades House of Glasgow is a charity, supporting those in need throughout the Greater Glasgow area by engaging the skills and commitment of the Incorporated Crafts, to develop the many educational projects we enable and charitable initiatives we support.
  • Finn's Place - Wellbeing on the Southside of Glasgow
  • Barras Art and Design Centre - The space is a large atrium under which lives a large internal courtyard area, perfect for hosting a wide variety of events, an award winning restaurant & bar, a number of shops and studios, as well as Glasgow’s first shipping container street food yard The BackYard.
  • Fairfield Govan - Workspace and heritage resources - During 2011-14 volunteers helped us to research Govan's unique relationship with the shipbuilding history. The result is a resource facility and exhibition area showing how Fairfield became the “Shipbuildingest Burgh in the World” and the lifeblood of a community.
  • Kinning Park Complex - We are an independent multi use community space in the Southside of Glasgow.
  • The Poetry Club (Twitter, Facebook) - A collaboration between Jim Lambie and SWG3. It is a unique and ever-evolving speakeasy bar designed by Lambie, an intimate space spread over 2 rooms hosting spoken word, small shows and parties.
  • The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre (Facebook, Twitter) - Glasgow's newest music and arts centre will soon be open for 2019 bookings and events. Not only that, but you gotta come through the music shop to access the event space, so more promo and sales for all the local and independent bands, musicians and artists we support!
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