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 +====== Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre ======
 +Restored to its original glory, the Kelvingrove Bandstand is a charming venue for all kinds of live, outdoor entertainment. Since it re-opened in 2014 it has been used as a venue for the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, concert series'​ that featured the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Brian Wilson, Van Morrison and Texas, performances at the Glasgow Mela, a cinema and the West End Festival.
 +It has grown to become an in-demand venue for Glasgow that is especially sought after in the summer months. Its flexibility and size means it is an ideal home for almost any kind of performance.
 +Situated between Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Glasgow University it can comfortably hold just over 2000 people. Its story has only just recommenced after a 36 year hiatus but already it can lay claim to being one of the most atmospheric and magical spaces Glasgow has to offer.
 +  * https://​​
 +  * https://​​arts-music-and-cultural-venues/​venues/​kelvingrove-bandstand-and-amphitheatre
 +  * https://​​KelvingroveBandstand/​
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