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Personal homepages and Blogs


  • Andy Preece - Glasgow Bus Timetable Finder, Cycling in Strathclyde, Andy's World of Pop, Pedestrian Zone, Miscellaneous Gubbins
  • Welcome to the website of Duncan Lunan - I have been a full-time writer since October 1970, as well as a researcher, speaker, broadcaster, editor, critic, tutor, and other aspects of the written, sung and spoken word.
  • - A computer geek living and working in Glasgow.
  • E.M. Faulds: A science fiction author - The limits of humanity's exploration of space and itself. I'm an Australian, living in Glasgow, Scotland, who writes science fiction.
  • Gary Fleming: Solitude - Technology. Code. Living relentlessly in the real world.
  • Dougal Matthews - I'm a Python developer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I specialise in Python development and solving challenging problems.




  • Suzanne Showcasing VR (Twitter) - My name is Suzanne and I am obsessed with Virtual Reality! I find it extremely exciting how it will shape our future. I’ll be sharing my learning and hopefully encouraging you to join us on the quest to bring virtual reality into everyday life. I will also cover Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality news and use cases too.
  • ZeroSec - Andy Gill is a hacker at heart, a penetration tester, with a wealth of experience, having working in security for just over 5 years he has done a lot and inputted a lot.




  • ScotCities - Architectural Drawings of Gerald Blaikie





  • Everything Flows - Named after the debut single by Teenage Fanclub. This blog is all about being a music lover in Glasgow; gig/record reviews, ramblings, the odd interview, new bands, fave bands, discoveries, rediscoveries and musings. Hopefully this blog captures some of the Glasgow Music Scene as well as my taste in music. I have a couple of regular features - my Never Ending Mixtape/Spotify playlists and Cover Version of the Month.
  • Glasgow's Music World - I'm going to aim to find as many music events around Glasgow that are FREE for all the students reading (as I know how depressing it is to be living on an overdraft and eating nothing but pasta and cheese for dinner every night) and for anyone else that wants to experience Glasgow’s diverse music culture but not spend any money.
  • Glasgow Open Mic Nights - A review of Open Mic nights - mainly in the Clutha Vaults [Stockwell Street] and Avante Garde [King Street] in Glasgow




Inactive Blogs

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