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   * [[https://​|]] - Glasgow based Mastodon server   * [[https://​|]] - Glasgow based Mastodon server
   * [[http://​​forums/​|The Hidden Glasgow forums]]   * [[http://​​forums/​|The Hidden Glasgow forums]]
-  * [[https://​​r/​glasgow|Reddit'​s official Glasgow community subreddit]]+  * [[https://​​r/​glasgow|r/glasgow - Reddit'​s official Glasgow community subreddit]]
   * [[http://​​yabbse/​index.php|Pat'​s Glasgow West End Forum]]   * [[http://​​yabbse/​index.php|Pat'​s Glasgow West End Forum]]
   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Guide Discussion Boards]]   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Guide Discussion Boards]]
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