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   * [[http://​​|Koppe Astner]]   * [[http://​​|Koppe Astner]]
   * [[http://​​|Mary Mary]]   * [[http://​​|Mary Mary]]
-  * [[https://​​|The Modern Institute]]+  * [[https://​​|The Modern Institute]] ​- //The Modern Institute was founded in Glasgow in 1997. The gallery works with 45 internationally established and emerging artists including Martin Boyce, Jim Lambie, Richard Wright, Anne Collier, Cathy Wilkes, Simon Starling, Urs Fischer, Luke Fowler and Nicolas Party.//
   * [[http://​​|Market Gallery]]   * [[http://​​|Market Gallery]]
   * [[http://​​|The Telfer Gallery]]   * [[http://​​|The Telfer Gallery]]
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